Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Always in “Touch”

Normally when colleges resume in the month of June and July, students discuss about their new shopping, new fashion trends, some give “useful” makeover tips to their friends and some just make fun of one’s choice. One of the things that today’s millennials are crazy for is hi-tech mobile cell phones. It’s simply a prestige issue for Gen Y. If somebody in the group gets new and latest handset, his collar gets tight in front of his friends as everyone is curious to see and handle that phone. If any company launches a new handset in the market, today’s youngsters want it in their pocket.
Whenever any trend comes to the college campus, it spreads like a fire in the woods. Companies launch their new handsets in the market almost every month and almost everybody wants to be up to date in this case. Mobile phone is not just a mere need now for youngsters. It became an accessory for them now which needs to be changed in time to time according to new trends. When asked about this to Bhakti Khare , an 2nd year engineering student of CEOP college, she said that , “ In my friend circle if someone buys new cell phone , then others think that I too must get latest hi-tech handset better than my friend’s handset. Every month new handsets are getting launched and because of this the cell phone which we had got last month is considered to be literally outdated this month.” After getting new handset, these youngsters discuss over the “strives” they have done to get the mobile phone proudly.
“Gone were those days when people used to discuss about their new clothes and accessories. Now we discuss about latest handsets and new soft wares which must be with you in today’s date. If you don’t have Samsung’s Corby series or Nokia’a N-97 or Apple’s Iphone then you are considered as out of date”, says Kaustubh Deshpande , student of Symbiosis college. Today you have to be advanced not only in using latest cell phones but the latest soft ware technologies also. 3G technology, touch screen, games, video calling, WAP and Web service are the few examples.
Vaishnavi Sharma, an IT professional says that, “you have to have phone which has a good sound quality and internet surfing facility. Today nobody of our age uses disc man or sound system to listen to music. It’s easy for us to carry the phone which is enabled with all the latest technologies like facebook messenger and net surfing. We cannot carry our laptops with us always to surf the net.”
From colour of the phone, its keys to touch screen, 16 GB memory, 12 megapix camera, 3G facility, today’s tech savvy generation wants everything in their handsets. And by hook or by crook they get themselves updated.

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