Monday, August 2, 2010

“To forgive is special”

“Why are you here? “Rajni asked me a very good question. I answered, “Just to meet you all...” She promptly replied, “No one comes here just to meet us. You must be having some work here.” Her answer stroked to my mind with a bang and it left me with a feeling of shame of myself. But hiding that feeling I said, “Yesterday was friendship’s day and I don’t have any friend. I want to new friends so I came here to make you my friend.” She felt very happy and immediately tied me a friendship band. People like you and me far away from this innocence but Rajni has it. She is one of the mentally challenged ladies who are living in Missionaries of Charity’s Prerana Bhavan situated at Tathawade.
Prerna Bhavan is the section for mentally ladies whom their families left to go nowhere. Now Missionaries of Charity takes care of them. But more than that they take care of themselves like a big family. No one there was familiar with me but as soon as I entered inside Prerana Bhavan , most of them came to talk with me. Many of them approached me by their own and started appreciating me, they interacted me with a smile and happiness on their face.
One lady named Jyoti asked me who I am and who gave me my earrings, wristwatch and pair of specs. One lady named Aashika asked me why do I have to wear specs, I answered that I can’t see without my specs and if I don’t wear them I will fall down while walking. All of them started laughing on this. But Aashika told them to not to laugh else I will get hurt.
We are normal people who are so called balanced at mind and heart but still we end up hurting people around us. But these special people take care to not to hurt people around them. They take care of each other like a family. I saw a very skinny girl pushing a wheelchair of her friend who was little obese but physically challenged to bring her to the main hall. Another example is one lady held my hand and brought me to a lady who was physically challenged and was sitting in a corner unable to move. She introduced me to her friend and told me to befriend her too.
What do these special ones want from us? They don’t want money and gifts. They just want to be loved, cared and we don’t even give these little things to them. But they don’t care. They forgive us. They are happy in their own world. That’s why they are called special because forgiving is the thing which is beyond our reach!

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